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2017-05-01 15_49_21-Make an Appoinment - escort verification services - City GirlsIf you want to reserve date with your favorite Virginia Beach Escorts, then please fill in the essential details as mentioned above.

Please fill in details accurately because we will use this information for communication and remind you of tentative dates of our escorts in Virginia Beach.

Looking at the form, you must be wondering about Employers name. Actually, it is for Escorts Screening in Virginia. We would like you to fill in your employer details because, if there is any problem, we can contact you. Apart from that, filling in Employer details gives a message that you are here strictly for dating purposes, not to do any inquiry or blackmailing sort of stuff.

Rest assured that your information is completely safe. Your information will remain totally confidential with us.

What if you are retired?

If you are retired person, your previous company details are sufficient for verification.


If you are a student, then you have to submit your age verification proof. You need to be at least 21 years old to enjoy our fascinating Virginia Beach Escort Service. However, if you are not, don’t worry; you can have a look at our Escorts Virginia Beach and wait till you are grown old

Business Person

In case, you are a business person, then your office details or your business partner details is sufficient for verification.

Why not P411?

P411 Login system is not solid proof.  Plus, they do not have an option to verify any person name which we found essential for escort verification. So, please fill in details as mentioned above. Some of you may not like it, but it is required to meet your fantasy woman.

Escorts References

Any sort of reference whether it is from friend or any Escort Virginia Beach won’t work for us. Our firm does not believe in giving favor to any special person. Rules are same for everyone.

Unfortunately, this lovely profession attracts people with wrong intention too. Their sole purpose is to terrify our Escorts Virginia Beach. There have been cases where call girls have been blackmailed, threaten or force to spend time with multiple partners at cost of one.

To keep girls safety, all escort agencies here are opting for hobbyist verification for escorts in Virginia.  So that if there is any sort of trouble, escort agency can contact that person.  Thankfully, in most cases it doesn’t happen; but still prevention is better than accident.

So, if you want to enjoy our escort service Virginia Beach; then this information won’t matter for you.  You are here to spend time with a beautiful girl, not to fight over security details.

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